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Hickory Tree

Hickory Tree

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Hickory Tree

The Hickory Tree (Carya cordiformis) is a deciduous North American native species that will flourish in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 8. It prefers a mix of partial sun but will also tolerate full morning sunshine.

It is a medium-to-tall tree, reaching a mature height of sixty to eighty feet, with a cylindrically shaped crown that measures approximately thirty feet across. The hardwood tree is exceptionally durable after it establishes a robust root system. The taproot of this tree is long and fibrous, so be sure of your permanent site selection when you plant it. It's a beast to transplant later.

It forms clusters of small yellow or gold spiked flowers in the spring. Those blooms last for approximately two weeks before making way for the hickory nut, this tree's delicious, earthy-tasting edible fruit.

The tree also plays a vital role in creating shade. Its crown is tall and casts a long shadow over the ground below. The leaves are long, green, and oval. They are larger leaves, some getting as big as ten inches long.

The Hickory Tree Is Undemanding and Good-Natured

The Hickory Tree does not care about soil texture; it can grow in any type, from clay to sand. However, it does love lots of organic materials, much as you'd find on the floor of a hardwood forest. Feed it by loosening the soil around the trunk's base and adding a few scoops of worm castings, hardwood mulch, or shredded leaf litter.

This species needs soil that will drain well, at least letting the roots dry out occasionally, but will also survive both short droughts of occasional flooding. Carya cordiformis requires no pruning, trimming, or other training; it will grow into its shapely form without help.

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