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Mayapple - 100 Plants

Mayapple - 100 Plants

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Mayapple Plant

The Mayapple Plant (Podophyllum Pelatatum) is a beautiful perennial, herbaceous, woodland native species with eye-catching, shapely leaves. It is an undemanding species that requires little care after planting. It will thrive in U.S.D.A., planting zones 3 to 8 in full or partial shade.

The plants form significant clusters in time, covering the ground in a shady spot. The plant reaches about 2' tall and wide, giving the appearance of an elevated green carpet.

Mayapple Plants Are a Lovely Species for the Shade Garden

The dark emerald, waxy-textured leaves have multiple lobes. As the plant matures, they have a gentle drape that creates an umbrella appearance.

The plant's flowers are small, measuring a maximum of 2" across. They are white with yellow centers. Each bloom has six to nine petals that form a shallow bowl shape. They'll attract pollinator insects like bumblebees and butterflies during the day. The white color also attracts the interest of night pollinators like moths.

The flowers bear the apple, a small yellow fruit. Each tiny apple has the shape and yellow color of a lemon but is only the size of a large, plump cherry. The plants fruits are tasty, but many leave them on the plant for their feathered friends to feast on.

In their native settings, they flourish without help, a good indicator of a carefree plant. This agreeable species is open about soil type. It is also a very durable species, resistant to pests, disease, cold, heat, and drought.

The plant loves moisture, so give it about two inches of weekly watering. During the flowering and fruiting season, apply fertilizer once monthly.

It does not require pruning; however, if you feel you must trim it, do so only after harvesting the fruits but before leaves re-emerge in the spring. The plant is genuinely an easy-to-maintain species that is undemanding and

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
E. Gunnion

The mayapples seemed small when they arrived but they soon caught up to my expectations. Three of the four have survived and a thriving.

Jeremy Peterson
May Apple

Both the plants and the packaging are amazing! Prices are exceptionally fair,

Thanks Jeremy for your great review of our plants. We have passed your kind words on to our team. The TN Nursery Team are passionate about providing all of our customers with outstanding experiences and they will be delighted to know they hit the mark with you.