Purple Violet


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Purple Violets

Viola Sororia is a small, versatile, hardy plant species perfect for welcoming the arrival of the first days of spring. This sweet flower grows well in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 9. It loves a mix of sunshine and shade. However, it will adjust and tolerate the full sun.

This plant is a native species of North America and naturally grows in woodland areas, meadows, and roadsides.

Purple Violets are lovely low-growing flowers that stay short, generally reaching only a few inches tall. They are perfect companion plants that pair in front of an early-season garden border. Many gardeners pot them in containers in the coldest regions, specifically in zones 3 through 6. The pots enable the gardeners to pull the violets indoors for protection in the event of a late-season frost.

Purple Violets Might Appear as Blue

Because the color is a cool-toned purple, the color of this flower may present as blue. It has heart-shaped leaves and bright, small, but incredibly pretty blue-violet, five-petalled flowers that bloom from late spring through early summer.

Purple violet flowers have a sweet, delicate scent similar to that of violets. They are a favorite of many for their subtle, pleasant aroma. The scent is a favorite of butterflies and bees.

Caring for Purple Violets

It is a hardy, easy-to-care-for drought-, cold-, moisture, and shade-tolerant plant. They are undemanding and require minimal care.

  • Purple violets need fertile soil with quick drainage. They need regular, light watering but don't want wet feet. Lightly damp soil is ideal.
  • Deadhead the flowers as they fade throughout the season to encourage new growth and a steady supply of flowers.
  • Mulch lightly around the flowers to help optimize the moisture.

Your purple violets will stay vibrant, fresh, and healthy with minimum care.

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Purple violets are hardy little flowers that will bring joy to your yard during the still-cool days of early spring. They add beautiful blue or purple colors and look lovely in containers or when planted in a flower bed. These are one of our hottest sellers--order your Viola Sororia from Wholesale Nursery today.