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Red Maple Live Stakes - 100 Stakes

Red Maple Live Stakes - 100 Stakes

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Red Maple

 Red Maple (Acer rubrum) live stakes give Wholesale Nursery Co customers an exceptionally affordable way to enjoy growing native species in their own backyard. The red maple will flourish in either the full sun or partial sunshine in USDA zones 3 - 9.

An Explanation of Live Stakes

The term live stake refers to a horticultural process professionals and home gardeners use when they want to install larger quantities of trees. An excellent example of this is reforestation or naturalization efforts.

The Live staking method begins with a horticulturist harvesting clippings of tree branches during the dormant season. At Wholesale Nursery Co, we immediately ship them fresh to the customer. When you receive the stakes, you will plant them directly into the soil in their permanent spot. From there, the live stakes develop roots.

These live stakes succeed best when collected in the later part of winter or early spring. Note that tree dormancy times may differ based on local climate conditions.

Growing Success with stakes

The live stake process starts with the site selection--a full-sun or partial-sun location with at least six hours of daylight.

Your live stakes need organic material--it's a woodland native, and you should aim to replicate the forest floor conditions. You can add peat moss, compost, hardwood mulch, or shredded leaves around the area.

After establishing a healthy root system, the live stakes need just an inch of water each week, especially during hot cycles. Once it develops into a seedling, it will require little attention.

Red Maple Live Stakes Will Become an Impressively Large Tree

It's hard to picture it right now, but those tree seedlings will mature to as high as 80 to 120  feet tall and grow a 50-foot-across crown. Even the trunk will become enormous- up to a six-foot diameter.

Once full-grown, it produces lovely clusters of pleasantly-scented dark red flowers in the spring. The early spring leaves are dark green, deepening to a dark emerald later. Leaves are three-lobed and impressive in size. The canopy will transform from green to a ruby-red tone in the late summer.

Order Your Red Maple Tree Live Stakes From Wholesale Nursery Co Today

Wholesale Nursery Co. hand-selects these live stakes from only the most vigorous trees at our nursery. Live stakes give your reforestation or naturalization project all the trees you need at a more affordable price. Give us a try!