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Redwood Tree

Redwood Tree

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Redwood trees are not suitable for small gardens. This is because the giant sequoia grows with age. It is, however, possible to grow your giant redwood tree if the area fits the specifications.

Hardy Zones Where They Grow

The tree can be grown outside of their designed climatic conditions but with some modifications. They are in their natural habitat in hardiness zone nine, but it is also possible, with extra care, to grow them in zones 5, 7, and 8.

Mature Height and Width Of The Redwood Tree

It is difficult to determine the mature size of the giant. Giant redwood trees grow continuously. The tallest giant redwood tree is reportedly 100 feet tall and 13 feet wide. The average growth rate of a giant redwood tree is five feet annually.

Bloom Color and Bloom Season Of The Redwood Tree

Their reproductive maturity happens after five or ten years of planting. It is noteworthy that the female and the male reproductive parts of fertilization are found on the same tree. Therefore, there needs to be no trees nearby for pollination to occur.

When Should You Plant the Seeds?

You can plant your seeds at any time of the year. However, for those in temperate regions, it might be best to plant during early spring. The seedlings also need to be watered consistently for them to grow faster.

How to Plant the Redwood Tree

Before planting, it is advisable to place the seeds in a colder place, such as the freezer. This quickens the germination process since the seeds get tricked into ‘thinking’ that winter is over and it’s time for germination.

The seeds also need light to germinate but are very susceptible to drought. The seedlings do well, however, in moist soil. Therefore, this requires you to gently cover the seedlings with a plastic foil while being careful not to drown them in a lot of moisture. They also need to be fully covered in the soil for the germination to occur effectively.

How Long Does Before Germination?

It is important to note that redwood trees take a lot of care to germinate. Store-bought seeds, however, have higher germination rates as compared to self-harvested seeds. Additionally, patience is needed during the germination process as the process can take place as early as the first few days of planting to a couple of months.

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