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Rock Cap Moss - 25 Square Feet

Rock Cap Moss - 25 Square Feet

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Rock Cap Moss

Dicranum scoparium is a beautiful, rich green Ground Cover moss that will enrich even the shadiest part of the yard with verdant color. It is an easy-care moss that needs full shade and will grow well in USDA plant hardiness Zones 4 to 8.

Wholesale Nursery customers generally use it in their shady natural areas. It's a customer
favorite for covering rocks to add interest in a rock garden.

Rock Cap Moss Is a Beautiful, Easy Care Species

Rock Cap Moss is typically bright green and forms dense clumps or mats. The individual plants have upright, stiff, leafy stems that can grow only a few inches tall and have many small leaves along the stem.

The leaves are typically arranged in a spiral pattern on the stem and are stiff and pointed. The plant forms large, dense colonies, and it often grows in nature on rocks, tree trunks and branches, and other rough surfaces. It is standard in humid and cool regions, where it grows without encouragement or upkeep.

Why Wholesale Nursery Customers Love to Grow Rock Cap Moss
● Rock cap moss has several benefits to offer. Some of the reasons you may try planting it include the following:
● Erosion control: Polytrichum Commune is excellent at preventing soil erosion due to its
ability to hold water and create a dense mat of vegetation.
● Moisture retention: The moss can retain moisture, benefiting plants that require a
consistent moisture level. Plant it around high water demand companions to help seal in
the moisture.
● Low maintenance: Once established, Polytrichum Commune requires little maintenance
and can thrive with minimal care.
● Wildlife habitat: Rock cap moss provides shelter and food for a variety of small animals, insects, and birds, making it a valuable addition to the local ecosystem.
● Aesthetics: Rock cap moss can add visual interest to gardens and landscapes to create
unique, natural-looking features such as rock gardens, moss lawns, or a green rooftop in
an urban garden.

Order Your Rock Cap Moss From Wholesale Nursery Today

Polytrichum Commune is a beautiful moss, easy to maintain, and will contribute to a healthier garden. Give it a try--order from us today.

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Charles Griffith
I paid $40 for shipping and it takes more than a week to arrive?

I am hugely disappointed in ship speed... ii was intended to arrive this week as I will not be here next week. Likely the product will be dead as a result...


Jeremiah Bailey
Rock Cap Moss

A varied and interesting assortment of plants available throughout the year. Great product at a cost that is reasonable.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. We take pride in knowing our customers are happy with their store experience.