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Roughleaf Dogwood Live Stakes - 100 Stakes

Roughleaf Dogwood Live Stakes - 100 Stakes

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Rough leaf Dogwood Live Stakes

 Rough Leaf Dogwood (Cornus drummondii,) is a small, spreading, deciduous tree noted for its olive leaves and pale undersides. This tree is native to the Great Plains and Midwestern regions of the US, and it is used for bordering an area or woodland edges or as a grove for wildlife habitat. The plant can tolerate moist or clay soil. It also thrives well in harsh and dry conditions and grows almost everywhere, either in full sun or partial shade. It is a tough, resilient, and adaptable plant, and some gardeners take advantage of it by turning this plant into a small tree or letting it thrive as a multi-stemmed shrub.

This tree produces tiny white, four-petaled, open flowers during the summer months, followed by clusters of small, round fruits that ripen between August to October. The plant’s foliage is medium-green in hue before transforming into a beautiful burgundy in early fall. The fruit is color white, ripens in late summer, and holds into fall. At least forty species of birds are known to feast on the fruits.

Rough leaf Dogwood, Cornus Drummondii, Is Useful For Live Staking, As It Can Thrive Directly Into The Soil.

They are one of the few species recommended for live staking. Live stakes are a dormant cutting technique for a plant grown directly on the soil, with a single-stemmed plant providing adequate plant cover. The cutting of this plant is three feet long and is pushed into the soil or inserted into a pre-drilled hole two feet into the ground around May since live stakes are more vigorous when planted during springtime. Cut the branches with several buds and nodes, and they will form roots and new dogwood branches.

Some of the benefits you get from these live stakes are affordability, easy maintenance, and safe handling. It is ideal for stabilizing stream banks and is used as a substitute for invasive plants. Leaf growth on stakes in the first growing season is doable; however, good root growth is more important.

Another advantage of this plant is that it does not require much maintenance and is adaptable, found in various wet-to-dry situations. However, this dogwood usually prefers moist soils. In propagation, sow the seeds immediately after collection or scarify and stratify them during the following spring. It will root from softwood or semi-hardwood cutting in the summer and hardwood cuttings in the winter.

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It reaches the maturity of sixteen to twenty feet and grows best in zones 4,5,6,7, and 9. The leaves are smooth with healthy veins and grow up to 4 inches long. The foliage turns deep red in the fall, which looks brilliant in the afternoon sun. Landscapers love this tree because of its rapid growth, adaptability to less-than-perfect environments, and beauty. This plant prefers well-drained to moist soil but can tolerate arid conditions, cold, and drought.

This plant is tough and graceful and will add beauty to any property. You’ll have the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood in spring and fall.

It thrives in full sun and ample shade but produces hardier fruit and flowers the more sunlight it gets. It is also not susceptible to pests that trouble other flowering dogwoods. Wildlife lovers will love this plant. Its berry-like fruit ripens from August to October, providing food for wildlife.

At least fifty species of birds like to feed on the fruit of this tree. The American goldfinch is a frequent visitor. Its flowers and fruit attract birds, squirrels, butterflies, and most nectar-sipping insects; Its butterfly friends include monarchs, black swallowtails, and California sisters.

This plant is excellent for erosion control if you have a moisture problem in your yard. Also, this ornamental plant is ideal if you have a space in the yard you would like to brighten up. Many homeowners use this tree near decks and around the patios of their homes. It is also helpful as a hedge.