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Twinleaf - 100 Plants

Twinleaf - 100 Plants

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Twin Leaf

The Twin Leaf is a unique plant also known as Jeffersonia. It gets its name because the leaf is split into two identical forms. The name Jeffersonia honors the United States President Thomas Jefferson because of his love and "knowledge for natural history. It has been widely used for medical purposes in the past. This fancy plant looks like a cute little butterfly. The wildflower blooms early in the spring, nicely decorating the flower bed for a short period. It is an excellent option for homeowners' flowerbeds when they want to get that early spring feeling. The Twin Leaf typically blooms between March and May. 

Twinleaf Plant Is a Hardy Perennial With Longer than Two Years Of Life

It was discovered in the northeastern zone of America and Asia. The growing Zones are 5-8. The small, stringy-like roots form into a "long-stemmed leaf; and one, long, leafless flower stalk. The plant and flower are developed from the root. The Pretty Wildflower Plants that attaches to the leaf is white, sometimes purple, with eight petals. Its fragile pedals will fall off from the heavy wind or light rain. 

 According to the Virginia Native Plant Society website, leaflets are 4-6 inches long and 1-2 inches wide and can grow up to 18 inches. It stands sturdy and straight in the air. It can increase in a moist garden or limestone soil with an Acidic pH level of less than 6.8. Part shade is enough for this lovely plant to live a healthy life. 

 Gardener Hq gives a breakdown of how to plant Jeffersonia. Anyone interested in planting must first plant the seeds outdoors towards the end of summer or the beginning of fall. The best place to plant is 6-10 inches from each other near a partly shaded wall. Laying mulch down will help maintain moist soil.

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