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White Princess Dogwood Tree

White Princess Dogwood Tree

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The White Princess Dogwood Tree, also known as the Cherokee Princess, is known for its beautiful white flowers and is smaller among the tree families. When you prune this beautiful tree, you'll be sure to keep it coming back each year. These types of trees are capable of growing up to five feet tall, although has been known to grow up to thirty feet tall. While it does produce fruit, most people don't like to fool with it, unlike birds, who actually prefer the berries.

Birds Love The White Princess Dogwood Tree

For growing conditions, this tree favors partial sun and moist ground with acidic soil. This tree can grow in zones that range from a five to a nine. It's best to plant them in either the spring or fall when the weather is more favorable. These trees are great for their ability to attract specific types of birds, which is great for those who enjoy watching them feed. They're not a fragrant type of tree, and they produce the most beautiful colors during the fall when the leaves change color. They produce berries, or in the spring, when their blossoms bloom.

The White Princess Dogwood Tree Can Do Well In Shade

The tree is a favorite among both gardening and landscaping experts alike. And it's easy to see why, with their large fragrant blossoms enhancing the beauty of a yard. Which begin to bloom in mid to late April and into the months of May. They make wonderful ornamental plants and create a beautiful oasis for any landscaping project. Even though the tree does well in full sunlight, it truly thrives when placed in areas with partial shade!

The White Princess Dogwood Tree Is A Slow Grower

The White Princess Dogwood Tree has a slow growth rate, reaching a height of twenty feet within twenty-five years. The tree adapts well to any type of soil but does the best in that which is somewhat acidic. Sometimes, adding various organic matter to it will do the trick. It's important to keep them well watered. However, make sure not to over-saturate the soil. Highly sought after in the landscaping community, these trees produce beautiful red, pink, and white blossoms among their twisting branches. They're usually sent to the consumer fully rooted inside of a flower pot, enabling it to arrive in tip-top shape.

Customer Reviews

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Frances Mcgee

A great choice for your yard! It supplied a lot of life to mine! Great choice!

Thank you for the awesome review about our plant, Frances. We are so pleased to hear it is working just as it should and that you are enjoying it so much!