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White Violet

White Violet

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White violets are perennial wildflowers that are found throughout the eastern United States and Canada. These beautiful flowers grow wild and create large white carpets on the ground.

The Flowers Of White Violet

The flowers emerge from single stalks and feature deep green leaves that are often heart-shaped. They begin growing in the spring and persist throughout the summer. The white flowers are fragrant and thrive in shade gardens. They grow between 4” to 8” inches wide and thrive in moist woodland areas.

Where To Plant White Violet

While they are found naturally growing in the wild, they are also excellent garden performers. They easily spread throughout the garden via seed and underground runners. When planning where to plant them, consider zones 3 through 8 since they are hardy and plentiful in these areas. An added benefit of planting this beautiful plant in your garden is they are deer resistant.

They grow and thrive in conditions and areas where other violets do not typically grow. The unique leaves of the plant set them apart from other violet species.

The Charm Of White Violet

They are a popular choice for garden enthusiasts due to the color and shape of the leaves. The color white often occurs due to a change in soil pH. This is evident because most violets become a purple color when growing in acidic soil.

White violets are fragrant and easy to care for plants that is an asset to any garden, yard, or landscape design. They thrive in the shade and sun while planted in moist, well-drained soil. Since the fragrance is so pleasing, it’s recommended to plant them near doorways, pathways, and various areas throughout the garden for maximum enjoyment.

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Dustin Trickly

I love, love, love this vine!

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