White Hibiscus

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    Posted by Allen Brown on Mar 06, 2018

    Has beautiful white bulbs! Just gorgeous!

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White Hibiscus Shrubs, Hibiscus Waimeae and Trees Bloom All Year Long



White Hibiscus, hibiscus arnottianus ssp, is one of over 300 species of the hibiscus family that grows throughout the world, in warm, tropical, and subtropical regions where the weather is mostly sunny and always friendly, zones 9 and 10. It is native to Hawaii. The white hibiscus can grow as a shrub, growing to 10' tall, as a small tree, growing 15'-30' tall, and as a medium tree, growing 30'-50' and taller.

White Hibiscus shrubs and trees bloom all year round.

The flowers on a white hibiscus are large, conspicuous, trumpet-shaped flowers with five or more petals, and they have a red stamen column. The leaves are alternate, oval to lanceolate, and are often toothed or lobed margined. For White Hibiscus to thrive the best, they need a 2-1-3, or a 2-5-3 fertilizer ratio, and they need to have moist, well-drained soil. Keeping the phosphorus level low is essential. It also requires full to partial sun, but the more shade it is in, the less the flower production will be. The plant is known for bringing a pleasant aroma to a garden and its exquisite beauty that will work well with the other plants in your garden.



 White Hibiscus, Hibiscus Waimeae Bring a Pleasant Aroma to your Garden



The plant leaves came in ovate or lanceolate shapes. Most of the White Hibiscus plants have leaves with toothed or lobed margins. Their flowers are a sizeable trumpet-like shape with five or more petals. Also, the plant produces a capsule (fruit) that is a mixture of the colors red and white. White Hibiscus is an excellent plant for an herbalist to grow in their gardens. The plant's tea is an excellent source of vitamin c and other minerals; it also uses medicine in many cultures. White Hibiscus tea has also proven to lower hypertension in a study sponsored by the USDA.


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