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White Hibiscus Shrubs, Hibiscus Waimeae and Trees Bloom All Year Long

 White Hibiscus, hibiscus arnottianus ssp, is one of over 300 species of the hibiscus family that grows throughout the world, in warm, tropical, and subtropical regions where the weather is mostly sunny and always friendly, zones 5 and 9. It is native to Hawaii. The white hibiscus can grow as a shrub, growing to 10' tall, as a small tree, growing 15'-30' tall, and as a medium tree, growing 30'-50' and taller. White Hibiscus shrubs and trees bloom all year round.

The flowers on a white hibiscus are large, conspicuous, trumpet-shaped flowers with five or more petals, and they have a red stamen column. The leaves are alternate, oval to lanceolate, and are often toothed or lobed margined. For White Hibiscus to thrive the best, they need a 2-1-3, or a 2-5-3 fertilizer ratio, and they need to have moist, well-drained soil. Keeping the phosphorus level low is essential. It also requires full to partial sun, but the more shade it is in, the less the flower production will be. The plant is known for bringing a pleasant aroma to a garden and its exquisite beauty that will work well with the other plants in your garden.


 White Hibiscus, Hibiscus Waimeae Bring a Pleasant Aroma to your Garden

 The plant leaves came in ovate or lanceolate shapes. Most of the White Hibiscus plants have leaves with toothed or lobed margins. Their flowers are a sizeable trumpet-like shape with five or more petals. Also, the plant produces a capsule (fruit) that is a mixture of the colors red and white. White Hibiscus is an excellent plant for an herbalist to grow in their gardens. The plant's tea is an excellent source of vitamin c and other minerals; it also uses medicine in many cultures. White Hibiscus tea has also proven to lower hypertension in a study sponsored by the USDA.


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 White Hibiscus, Hibiscus Waimeae Online Lowest Price Guarantee

White Hibiscus - Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis 'White' - is a subtropical shrub that provides a spectacle with occasional blossoms during the year, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard while also enhancing the visual appeal of your landscape.

The white hibiscus, a part of the mallow or Malvaceae family, is a flowering subtropical shrub well-known for its stunning blossoms. The intense saturation of these shrubs is noteworthy, as are the contrasts of bright pink or scarlet in the middle. They are perennial shrubs, which means that they bloom and blossom just once each year, often throughout the springtime and summertime of the year.

It is a perennial flowering shrub and an evergreen plant native to Tropical Asia and is considered among the loveliest floral plants. This beautiful flowering plant possesses both economic and decorative value. It blooms all year long and produces magnificent blossoms. It may reach a height of five meters and is ideal for growing on a sunlit rooftop or indoor space.

These shrubs thrive in warm environments. In the flowering period, these shrubs offer a burst of white tropical hue to the landscape, establishing an attractive combination against the dark green foliage that you must experience to believe! Because their blossoms contain much moisture, warmth and humidity are essential in the growing season.

You can plant this shrub as a beautiful, luxuriant screen or hedge to add a touch of elegance to your yard. You may even make use of them beside driveways and sidewalks to greet visitors and invite them home with the colorful blossoms and upbeat demeanor of your garden. Furthermore, you may prefer to use these medium-sized shrubs to hide the ugly side of your backyard fencing or populate the vacant spaces in your garden. 

Their blooms are huge and have around five petals. Their width ranges from approximately 4 to 18 cm, and they may be either a double bloom or a single blossom for flowers from a variety of hybrids and cultivars. The Luna white hardy hibiscus varieties are available in various colors, including violet, yellow, peach, orange, scarlet, and pink.

This shrub is also considered a symbol of love and beauty. People usually offer hibiscus plants as splendid gifts to their dear ones as a way of conveying their regard, devotion, and passion. In addition, the blossoms and other sections of the plant are used to manufacture medicine. The scent of white flowers is determined by the climate patterns and the variety of flowers.

According to research, white hibiscus shrubs can reduce blood pressure. Additionally, it has been shown to lower blood sugar, fat, and cholesterol levels. Moreover, they may help reduce contractions in the stomach, intestine, or uterus. They are also utilized as decorations during weddings and other formal occasions.

Soil: moist, slightly acidic, well-drained soil rich in organic matter

Zone: 5 to 9 

Sun exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Height at maturity: 5 meters tall and around 4 to 18 cm wide

Water requirements: Moderate watering in winter, excessive watering in summer

Best time to Harvest: mid to late summer

Ship as: Bare root

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Additional Information

Latin Name- Hibiscus Syriacus Hardy Planting Zone- 5-9 Mature Height- 8-12 ft Width- 6-10 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun OR Partial Shade
Planting Zones 5-9
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