Hydrangea Shrubs |

Hydrangea Shrubs |

Hydrangea Shrubs

Hydrangea plants make great plants when they are looking to add a special touch to their garden or landscaping. The flowers of this plant are large and grow in clusters. The best time to develop the hydrangea is during the summer months. Some of the most popular forms of this plant are the yellow/green limelight hydrangea and the blue hydrangea, even though this shrub can come in many different colors ranging from green to pink.

The hydrangea is considered to be a perennial shrub. They grow best in growing zones three to nine. While the shrubs do need plenty of, they like a little shade midway through the day. The shrubs can grow to be three to five feet tall. Some forms of this shrub can grow up to eight feet in height. This type of shrub prefers soil that is fertile that is very rich in nutrients. The soil can be a little acidic, and the plants will still grow well. The hydrangeas can be planted during the spring or fall seasons when planting is sure to give the shrubs enough room to grow. The hydrangeas should be about three fear apart. They need plenty of water and should be given additional water in the morning and the evening hours. This plant does grow well in areas that are surrounded by wood or by shade.

One of the most popular forms of this shrub is the blue hydrangea. The flowers range in color from a deep blue to a blue/ purple color. When the plants are in full bloom, they have a lacy appearance and flat, showy heads. This color shrub looks excellent on the border of many different landscaping projects.

The limelight hydrangea shrubs are bright green. Some of the flowers may have a yellowish hue to them. The flowers of this color start to bloom in the early summertime and will stay brilliant until the fall month. During the fall, the flower change to deep pink. When looking at the plant during this time, the combination of green to pink flowers is a breathtaking sight. The flowers on this particular shrub are also significant. They range from six to twelve inches and are held in an upright position. The ph level of the soil is which determines what color flowers this shrub will show. If the soil level is 5.5 or below, the flowers will be more of a blue color. If the soil has a ph level of 6.5 or above, the flower will tend to be more of pink color.

The hydrangea shrub is an excellent addition to any yard. This plant can tolerate many different types of climate and soil conditions. They like the sun but also do well with a bit of shade. Hydrangeas are fabulous for any yard or landscaping project.