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Snow Hill Hydrangea Seedlings - 100 Seedlings

Snow Hill Hydrangea Seedlings - 100 Seedlings

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Snow Hill Hydrangea Seedlings

These hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful shrubs of the southeast that can be grown from seed. Indeed, these seedlings quickly grow into these deciduous shrubs. They grow into shrubs filled with clusters of small creamy-white flowers that form in spheres that look like snowballs in summer. Their foliage combines lush, textured green leaves and velvety soft, tan stems to add to their beauty.

The massive blooms remain fresh and gorgeous throughout the summer months. According to the USDA, they will grow best in hardiness zones 3-9. Growth occurs from June through August.

Gardening enthusiasts plant these seedlings both indoors and outdoors. They're commonly used to line a border as a showpiece shrub or add pop and beauty to different points in the landscape. Some homeowners use these magnificent low-maintenance shrubs to hide exposed house foundations, line a walkway or sidewalk, or even create a natural privacy wall.

Snow Hill Hydrangea Seedlings Are Beautiful In Spring

To get the most out of these plants, place them in sheltered locations with sunny mornings and shady afternoons, typically on a home's north or south side. While they can share some nutrients with other plants, it's not recommended to plant them directly under trees.

Another critical benefit is that the resulting blooms can be cut and used for interior design. Many interior designers use the balls of flowers for centerpieces or dry them for decorating in the winter.

They grow into such dazzling low-maintenance shrubs that some gardening enthusiasts feel guilty about how little they have to do to keep them thriving.

Homeowners often comment about how many compliments they get from neighbors, who often assume they have toiled over these plants to deliver such exquisite blooms for a long time.

As for duration, the investment you make will pay off, as many plants have been reported to last for over a decade.

They prefer moist yet well-drained, acidic, fertile soil as they develop into shrubs. While these shrubs are best suited to full sun, they are also shade tolerant, making them highly flexible. Expect them to grow 3-5 tall and wide ultimately.

Once fully grown, they have proven to withstand frost but should be protected from significant winds.

They are also relatively pest and disease-resistant. Given how little maintenance these shrubs require, it's not much of an ask. Keeping the soil moist with two to four inches of mulch at its base helps slow water evaporation.

To optimize for next season's new blooms, plan on giving them a prune in the early spring.

These plants are known by many names, including Snowhill Smooth Hydrangea, Hydrangea arborescens, and even Hills-of-Snow Hydrangea. Whatever you call it, know that it is an easy-care deciduous shrub native to North America that delivers long-lasting, magnificent balls of flowers throughout the summer, coupled with deep green foliage.

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Snow Hill Hydrangea Seedlings

Beautiful variety, reasonable price

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Nanette Thompson
Snow hill Seedlings

The plants came very quickly, in excellent condition, and prepped for planting.

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