Willow Oak Seedlings - Package Of 25 Plants


Willow Oak Seedlings 

Quercus phellos is a deciduous hardwood native species initially found in the southeastern United States but well-adapted to any moderately warm regions. It will thrive in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 9 in full or filtered sun locations. 

Willow oak seedlings are one of the Wholesale Nursery's best sellers. Everyone loves them for their relatively quick growth cycle, medium-to-tall height, and plentiful shade. 

Willow oak seedlings love well-drained but consistently moist soil; conversely, they can tolerate short bouts of drought with little trouble. The soil must be rich in nitrogen; you'll need to fertilize it twice a year or amend it with peat moss or organic compost a few times yearly. Other than that, they will not need your care. 

In addition to being tall and robust, many adore the color changes this tree will display throughout a growing season. In the spring, the leaves open early, bringing a soft green wash of color to the landscape. Throughout the summer, the leaf color deepens to a deeper emerald. The shorter daylight hours of autumn turn the willow oak to warm tones like russet, amber, and orange. 

Willow Oak Seedlings Will Mature Into a Well-Shaped Shade Tree 

The willow oak seedlings you purchase and install today will mature to a full average height of 70' at maturity. The crown eventually forms a pleasing rounded shape, emerging from a red-brown, smooth bark trunk. 

After a few years, your willow oak seedlings will produce lovely, round acorns each fall. They will measure approximately a half-inch to an inch, with a saucer-shaped light brown cap. 

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