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Silver Maple Live Stakes - 100 Stakes

Silver Maple Live Stakes - 100 Stakes

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Silver Maple Live Stakes 

Silver Maple Live Stakes-staking an area is a quick, easy, and affordable way to add many trees. This practice is vital for naturalization, reforestation, and conservation initiatives across the United States. 

These stakes are a perfect option. This species is a deciduous North American native tree that grows in almost every state. It will thrive in a full-sun or partial-sun location in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 9.  

This species will flourish even in one of the most challenging growing environments--heavy, wet- to continuously-moist clay soils. In fact, it doesn't mind a wetter environment at all, as long as it can occasionally dry its roots. 

Arborists and gardeners alike also desire silver maple live stakes for their fast-growing habit of up to 6' yearly and their resilient nature. 

They are compaction-resistant (and great for de-compacting the soil), frost-resistant, heat- and humidity-resistant, pest-resistant, drought-tolerant, and disease-resistant. 

The Silver Maple Live Stakes Method 

These stakes are an expert propagation technique intended for large-scale projects. A trained arborist or horticulturist clips a tree branch while dormant in the winter. Each cutting is a single live stake. At the first possible opportunity, the recipient must place their live stakes into their new, permanent homes--usually along a river or wetland area. Once in place, the live stakes will grow roots, strengthening and eventually growing into that familiar, lovely tree. 

How to Care for Your Live Stakes 

Once you plant them in the optimal full-sun or filtered sun location, in the wet but quick-draining soil we mentioned, they will ask very little of you. Keep an eye out for dryness during drought, and give it water if needed. Mother Nature will take care of the rest. 

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