Moss: Low-Maintenance Green for Your Yard

More and more gardeners are exploring the possibilities offered by moss. It is commonly used in rock garden design, in conjunction with water gardens, ponds, or ferns. And it is often utilized in that shady spot where grass won’t grow. When people think of green lawns, most will envision a thick carpet of grass covering their yards. But watering restrictions, sunlight availability and maintenance requirements can make mosses a good choice. It is becoming increasingly desirable as a low-maintenance alternative to grass. Grass lawns need a lot of water and sunlight. Moss does not. If you have a lot of trees, mosses will thrive correctly in a shady garden. Grass will not. And grass lawns require far more maintenance.

Mosses come in various shapes and forms

Topiary is commonly used in sculptures. This variety has no roots at all; it grows on oxygen alone. Hair Cap has a unique appearance and is taller than most other mosses. Sheet Moss has a medium green color and becomes low to the ground, allowing it to be used around and in between pavers or stepping stones.

Moss Is Versitle, Easy To Grow and Super Easy In Install