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Bearded Sedge

Bearded Sedge

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Bearded Sedge – Carex comosa is a water-loving plant that grows in large, almost bushy clumps in moist areas

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The Bearded Sedge is a small growth, usually growing every summer to between two and six inches high and has one to three leafed culms or stems that shoot out from its base.

These stems end in a cluster of little spike-like growths. The flat growths themselves are about¼ long. A bunch of these spike growth will usually have from 6 to 10 flowers. These groups are typically either light green, yellowish, or brown. This tiny but sturdy plant is found all over the world in a wide variety of climates but does the best in wet environments.

It is a strikingly resilient plant that even does well in sandy or rocky soils. In every terrain or geographical location, most of its growth takes place during the summer months. It can be found throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America, and Europe. The Bearded Sedge is part of the Cyperaceae hedge family, a large family that includes more than 2,000 international species.

This sedge is often found mixed with various types of grass and can be mistaken for it. Its unique spike formations can distinguish it.

Bearded Sedge is also known as Cyperus squarrosus. Hardy planting zones are 2-8. The growth rate is up to 3-inches per year. Bearded Sedge is commonly referred to as Bearded Flat Sedge. The summer annual reaches 2-6 inches in height. Bearded Flat Sedge flourishes in full to partial sun and needs moist to wet soil. Types of land can range from sandy to muddy.

It blooms from mid-summer to early fall. The wind pollinates the blooms. Each bloom is enclosed in a light green scale. The flowers have no petals and have a spiky appearance. This sedge has bright green angular leaves. The flat leaf blade grows up to 3 inches long and 1/8 of an inch wide.

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