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Blue Ridge Blueberry is known as Vaccinium Pallidum and is defined as a shrub.
 The typical growth rate is 6 feet per year.

Blue Ridge Blueberry

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The hardy zones are 3 through 9; The typical growth rate is 6 feet per year; This shrub can have any soil type. Depending on its environmental condition, this shrub can grow about 9 to 20 inches tall. It has dark leaves and dark blue/purple berries. The best planting zones for this plant is in hardy planting zones 3-9. On average, the growth rate is up to 6 feet per year. Blue Ridge Blueberry is a medium grower and can adapt to any soil type. It is native to the United States. This plant described as a perennial or a shrub. At maturity, this shrub is about 9 to 20 inches tall. The size, however, is dependant on environmental conditions. The bark on the stems are a greenish-brown to red color, and the smaller twigs are usually a green, red, yellow, or gray color.

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This berry is lovely as it has dark green leaves with little dark blue to purple berries. In rare instances, the berries may be pure white color. They have very simple leaves. They are a typical green color with a toothed edge. They are not sharp though so they are safe for kids; found in areas with the temperature does not get below freezing. Usually, in its natural habitat, this plant can be seen growing in the understory of oak, chestnut, maple, or pine forests. It can also thrive in areas that are dry and sandy or heavy in clay as long as the climate is humid. After planting this plant, one can expect to get the tasty berries in about a year sometimes two.

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