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Conifers are trees that stay green all year round instead of deciduous trees that shed their leaves during winter or in the dry season. They have a unique characteristic; they do not shed all their foliage at the same time. When the old foliage drops, new ones grow back to replace the old ones. Many of these trees are coniferous; evergreen conifers have cones rather than leaves or needles. Evergreens come in small and large varieties: Evergreen shrubs, such as Privet Hedges, make excellent hedges for privacy and security. Some shrubs, such as the Mountain Laurel, are considered evergreen shrubs and flowering shrubs. Large evergreen trees, such as the Eastern Red Cedar, can help reduce wind and reduce light and noise when planted along a property line.

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Conifers are a type of evergreen that reproduce utilizing seeds in a cone rather than a flower. Evergreens add to landscaping for many reasons. While deciduous trees and shrubs lose their leaves in Autumn, pines provide greenery through all four seasons. Evergreen conifers are available as either a tree or a bush. There are many uses for evergreens with just as many choices.

Evergreen conifers are perfect for planting in areas as windbreak. Since they do not lose their needles in the winter, they will provide a year-round barrier from harsh winds. They are also perfect to use as a natural property line or privacy fence. Create a tall natural wall for a dramatic effect or stagger tall and medium evergreens for a more sculptured look. Place small bushes as back edging on an existing garden or along the driveway. They are also perfect for hiding unsightly structures or areas of the yard you wish to conceal. Since they remain green year-round, they are perfect for hiding utility boxes or an old shed.

While there are much landscaping uses for the evergreen, there is another reason to have them around. There are a variety of wildlife species that use evergreens for food and shelter. Squirrels store away the cone seeds for winter eating, hawks use the treetops as a perch, and low branches provide a haven for rabbits, to name a few.

With so many evergreen conifers to choose from, the ideas are boundless when planning the perfect landscape. From dwarf conifers such as Bluestar juniper, low mound, and Jakobsen to large conifers like the thuja green giant, baby blue spruce, and spartan juniper, the choices are almost endless. Evergreens are perfect for landscaping, whether for privacy, wildlife sanctuary, or just for the enjoyment of their year-round majestic beauty.

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