Hydrangea Shrubs

Hydrangea Shrubs

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Hydrangea shrubs are a species of flowering plants native to Japan. They reach an average height of 1-3 meters.

Hydrangea Shrubs are Beautiful Flowering Shrubs

Many people like to dry Hydrangea flowers to create table decorations or wreaths. Hydrangea shrubs like rich fertile loam with full sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon, but often they do well in all-day partial shade. Hardy in zones 3 through 9, most hydrangeas grow between two to five feet high and two to twelve feet wide, but some varieties grow as tall as twenty feet. Hydrangeas come in over 75 different types. Some of the most popular Hydrangea shrubs are Oakleaf Hydrangea, which has cream flowers with oak-shaped leaves that turn red in the fall; Smooth Hydrangea, with big blue or pink flowers that change hue according to soil acidity; and tree-form Hydrangea paniculata, which has an upright habit and features white cone-shaped flowers. With large flower heads and a classic color palette to choose from, hydrangeas are an old favorite that never goes out of style. Blue hydrangeas have a specific charm with their soft colors, which compliment any home and garden. These flowers are also effortless to care for and can be raised in nearly any climate, with a little attention. To grow these beautiful shrubs, the fertile and porous soil is recommended, but fertilizer can be used to enrich less moist soil until suitable. Even with high-quality soil, however, it is essential to water the flowers thoroughly during any dry seasons. This ensures the hydrangeas thrive despite any climatic irregularities.

 Hydrangea Shrubs grows Hardy in Planting Zones 4-9 and are Effortless to Care for 

Each plant can be expected to grow approximately a foot both upward and outward per year, and at maturity, these showy plants have a height of three to four feet and require plenty of space. Additionally, the bush has a hardy growing zone range of four to nine, and partial sun and ample moisture are critical.



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